Speyer “Becher-Schule” earns prizes with great roller coasters!

von Florian Leingang (BOS I / 2014)

BOS I Technic-class wins three prizes at the „loopING“ project ! by Florian Leingang

Ten pupils of the “Johann-Joachim-Becher-Schule-Speyer”, Spire Vocational School, successfully took  part in an engineering competition! One team caught the second place with a prize money of 150€, two other groups also reached  the top 15 and won 50€.

Roller Coasters are an essential element of every amusement park. These big constructions need knowledge of real experts, of engineers. Our economy badly requires  more of them, so the “Landesingenieurkammer-Rheinland-Pfalz”, Chamber of Engineers, has organized a yearly competition to motivate young people to study engineering technologies at universities. More than 300 pupils took part in the contest and about 87 models were built.

This year, the pupils should build a model roller coaster consisting of the most simple materials and parts. A ball must pass through the track without fault. Even the young people had to stick to other specifications, like dimensions and function. They worked in small groups or alone in their free-time, not in school! There were two different age groups. School classes from year 1-8 and classes from year 9-13 competed against each other in two different groups.

Consequently, three groups of the “BBS-Speyer” applied for the seventh challenge in history and all groups got a prize! Philip Gleich, Kevin Rettinger and Florian Poh took the 15th place. Moreover, Kevin Schlee, Christian Sohn, Marvin Schmidt and Dennis Schneider shortly missed the top ten with an eleventh place. Florian Zimmermann, Florian Leingang and Marc Keller won the second prize in Rhineland-Palatinate with their “Copper Bolt”. Jonas Schöpfer won the “loopING-contest” with his “SIMONA-Racer” and got 250€. He scored with very good accuracy and an amazing route.

Now the best three roller coasters of Rhineland-Palatinate are invited to challenge the best three projects of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Brandenburg, Saarland and Hesse in the Sky Tower at Frankfurt on 23 May. So, the three students with the “Copper Bolt” will represent the BBS Speyer at this transnational competition.

(picture: the projects of our winners from left to right: place 15, place 11 and place 2)