Deckel drauf e.V.

von Kristina Keiz, BOSD II / 2018

Health is a gift, so it is even more important to be grateful for your health. But if you didn’t get this gift, it could become a huge problem.
Here in Germany we can be glad that we have such a good health system. In many other countries such a health system does not exist and therefore people in these countries are dependent on relief organizations.

One of these relief organizations is the association “Deckel drauf e.V.” (Lid on it) that developed a project against the disease polio in 2014. “Deckel drauf e.V.” is an association to fight the disease.

Polio stands short for poliomyelitis, an infection virus caused by the polio virus. This disease leads to signs of paralysis and in specific circumstances it can even lead to death by respiration paralysis. Fortunately, Polio is eradicated in Germany but there are three countries worldwide, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria where this disease still occurs. The only method to stop the spreading of polio is to offer vaccinations.

The aim of the association “Deckel drauf e.V.”  is to enable children to be vaccinated. The collection of plastic lids and the subsequent sales proceeds support charities. From a collection point the lids continue to a bigger assembly point. There the lids are stored first, until a larger amount is available for sale to a waste management company. The collected plastic lids are fed into the recycling cycle. With the sales the association receives money and with this money projects will be supported.

In the first step, “Deckel drauf e.V.” supports the “End Polio Now” programme with the global project “that no child should become ill with polio” aiming eradication of polio worldwide. The proceeds from the sale of 500 collected lids equal the amount of one polio vaccine.

So far 171,818.000 lids have been collected thus 342,300 vaccinations could be offered    (16 February 2018).
In Germany currently exist 930 collection points. If you want to participate in this project collect plastic lids and bring them to one of those collection points.

You will find further information and the locations of the collection points for the campaign “Deckel drauf” on the internet at:

Deckel drauf

At the picture you can see a collection point in Dudenhofen.