How to eat healthily – Alex piece of advice

von Alexandra Thau, BF2 HT

The German Association for Nutrition recommends a balanced diet, which contains all nutrients in an appropriate proportion in order to avoid diseases related to food. The mixture of the daily nutrition also depends on the energy requirement of each individual. Our meals still contain too much fat, animal protein, sugar and salt and too little fruits and vegetables, providing vitamins and mineral nutrients. We consume hidden sugar such as to be found in lemonade, coffee or black tea. Most of the people are overweight because of a wrong nutrition. With a responsible handling of our nutrition, we can have a healthy lifestyle. A versatile nutrition protects us from shortages in the supply of nutrients and boring uniform food. You should eat slowly and patiently, because on average, it takes 20 minutes during a meal until your stomach feels filled. When I consume more food than I spend energy I will gain weight. Save spreadable and preparation fats and pay attention to hidden fats in food. Season with herbs and spices, but save with salt. Too much sweets also stresses your teeth. Instead of buying white flour, you should prefer whole grain products. Fruits and vegetables should be part of every meal. Eat meat and fish as a side dish in small portions. We should drink 2 liters of water daily. Alcohol or coffee are stimulants, but no drinks. Between the main meals, plan a light snack in the morning and in the afternoon. This ensures energy supply and prevents a performance drop. Eat raw food and salad every day. All other meals should be prepared with little water and fat.