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Final meeting of the Comenius project HiP in the Czech Republic

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From 29 March till 4 April four students of our HBF 2 classes and two teachers, Ms. Chiout and Ms. Da Re-Fischöder, went to the Czech Republic for the final meeting of the two-year Comenius project HiP (“History in the Present”).

After one day and night in Prague, where they enjoyed the world famous and numerous sights of the Czech capital, the group went to Ceské Budejovice (Budweis) where they met the students and teachers from all schools working together in the HiP project.

Each country presented the most important results of their work in the project and it was very interesting to get to know so much information about the historic monuments and their meaning for today’s life in our partner cities in Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, England and Spain.

Looking back at the whole week we can all be sure about one thing: even though the students and teachers came from different countries everybody felt the same – the meeting in the Czech Republic was an amazing time. Everyone was happy to participate in the Comenius project and to learn so much about other cultures, history and its influence on the present.

The HiP project generally was a unique opportunity to overcome prejudice and negative stereotypes and to foster mutual understanding and the European idea, which is currently having a rough time in many parts of our continent.

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