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Ski trip to Austria

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Hello everyone,

I’m glad that you found the way to my article about our ski- and snowboard trip to Seefeld/Austria.

Seefeld is a famous place for skiing and was host to the Olympic Winter Games in 1964 and 1976.

In the following article I’m going to try to give you a brief insight into our trip.

The pupils of our vocational grammar school of economy (class 11a/b) were accompanied by our class teachers Mr. Emig, Mr. Moster together with the other teachers Ms. Meyer, Mr. Fofana, Mr. Ludwar, Mr. Hundinger and his son, Till Hundinger. We all spent six days in beautiful Seefeld.

After a long bus ride, on Sunday the 2nd of February, we arrived at our hotel. The hotel was very huge with a lot of rooms and a beautiful entrance hall.

On the same day we had to choose our ski equipment and used the time to spend the first hours in the huge lobby and talk with our classmates or play football table.

At the first day on skis we were separated into different groups. One group consisted of the advanced drivers, another group was made up from people who wanted to learn how to snowboard and the last group which included the beginners of skiing. I was part of the last group.

During this day my group learned a lot about the basics of skiing, like how we have to brake, how to use your balance to stand on the ski and so on.

Ms. Meyer Mr. Hundinger helped my group to get familiar with the equipment.

From this day forward we all learned a lot about the way we had to move and to react in particular situations. Further, we all had a lot of fun with each other.

During the last two days of the trip most of my group members tried to drive some of the more demanding tracks. I also tried my best and it worked quite well. Moreover, some of my classmates used the good weather hiking in the nature, surrounded by a lot of snow and fresh air or visited the city of Seefeld.

We had a lot of fun on the tracks and the evenings were spent in the lobby of our hotel or in our rooms. Consequently, we all gew much closer than we had been before the class trip.

One a whole, it was an exciting, funny and interesting experience with my classmates and the teachers. We all enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the days on our skis or snowboards and the moments together during the days.

Above all, every single beginner was happy that he or she learned how to ski or how to snowboard and at this point I want to thank everybody for giving us the chance to make this experience.


Marie Vogel (11a)

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